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Pattaya Coral Guide - ID The Reef When you Snorkel Pattaya

Is That Rocks!? No! Find out about the reef with our Pattaya Coral Guide. when you go Snorkeling in Pattaya you can learn about the tropical reefs of Thailand. Not only are they full of beautiful and colorful fish to see but the corals where they live and feed are just as amazing when you know what to look for. When you are snorkeling, you get the best look because you are close to the surface, the color of the coral are the strongest. Did you know that water absorbs light and therefore absorbs the color too! This is one of the disadvantages of scuba diving as the deeper you go, the less color you see. not the case with snorkeling though!

So Many Corals, So Little Time!

This Pattaya Coral Guide is just a sneak preview of what’s in store on the reefs when Snorkel Pattaya. There are so many different and wonderful corals to be found we simple just can’t list them all.

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Sea Whip - Pattaya Coral Guide

Sea Whip

Sea whipany of several genera of corals of the order Gorgonacea (phylum Cnidaria), characterized by a long, whiplike growth and a variety of bright colours.

Leather Coral - Pattaya Coral Guide

Leather Coral

Leather coral, or toadstool coral (Sarcophyton spp.) They are typically cream to light tan in color, sometimes with a  slight yellow and are common around Pattaya & Samae San

Great Star Coral - Pattaya Coral Guide

Giant Star Coral

The great star coral grows in fairly small colonies, often forming domes, boulders or cone-shaped structures. Pattaya has some really old and truely giant examples to see!

Gorgonian Sea Fan - Pattaya Coral Guide

Gorgonian Sea Fan

There are about 500 different species of sea fans and gorgonians found in the oceans, they are particularly abundant in the shallow water reefs around Pattaya


Funnel - Coral Pattaya Coral Guide

Turbinaria sp Coral

This funnel coral can be mistaken for either a Pachyseris rugosa Or Turbinaria sp. Depending on the ridge or pore formations. A hard coral very common across reefs in S.E.A. Its sometimes also called the Elephant Skin Coral.

Bushy Table Coral - Pattaya Coral Guide

Bushy Table Coral

Recognizable across nearly all our local reefs, Acropora is a genus of small polyp stony coral in the phylum Cnidaria. also known as table coral, elkhorn coral, and short staghorn.

BubbleCoral - Pattaya Coral Guide

Bubble Coral

The is Bubble Coral, a beautiful coral not so common but a good find. Often mistaken for some kind of fish eggs. Different variations can be found depending on a shallow or deeper water reef

Boudler Porites sp - Pattaya Coral Guide

Boudler Porites sp

Boulder Porites sp corals come in many verities, most are called mountain or rocky coral because of there appearance, others have much clearer markings and interesting polyp formations.

Maze Coral

Maze Coral

Maze coral, also known as LPS Coral. Red Gonipora is sometime called Green Maze Brain coral. They vary in size but we have some large ones here. very pretty and memorizing to stare at.


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