WHY Go Snorkeling

Why Go Snorkeling Pattaya Thailand

No trip to Thailand would be complete without visiting the beautiful islands of The Siam Gulf! There are more than 15 islands close to Pattaya and its shore line. 95% of which are desert islands and uninhabited.  We go to different islands everyday and even plan special island hopping  trips to some of the most remote islands in the area for you to enjoy!

Pattaya is a colourful and vibrant city but it nice to escape to the tropical islands and see some of the natural side of Beautiful Thailand. Snorkelling Pattaya gives you the opportunity to get out on a boat for the day, observe uninhabited islands and the surrounding underwater reefs and life. Pattaya is an ideal location for snorkelling as it has a vast amount of islands with fringing coral reefs.

The reefs provide calm waters and a habitat where fish thrive. Visibility in the shallow waters is generally clearer with warm waters in excess of 30 degrees C. Below is the coral reef with an abundance of small colourful reef fish, anemones, sea horse and turtles. It is an adventure for beginners, immediate & advance snorkellers alike that anyone can enjoy.

Get Out Of The Big Pineapple Snorkeling Nearest to Bangkok

There certainly is no shortage of day trips and tours running out of Thailand captital but did you ever just want to get away from the city crowds and escape to paradise?

When looking for thing to do close to Bangkok, Perhaps you may wonder where the best snorkeling nearest to Bangkok is? Although you have many things to do in Bangkok, Snorkeling is not one of them. Did you know that snorkeling in Pattaya is nearest to Bangkok and less than 2 hours away by car or bus from the big pineapple (Bangkok)!

You have many beautiful islands all within a short boat ride from Pattaya. Pattaya, like Bangkok, is a international city, buzzing with life and activity but unlike Bangkok, it has a number of beaches, view points and offers the best snorkeling in the upper Siam Gulf.

Cinnimon Clown Fish Pattaya Sea Life

What the fish Snorkel Trips

What the fish!? There are literally hundreds of species of tropical fish to be found in Thailand and most of them you can see everyday whilst snorkeling in Pattaya. Moon Wrasse, Damsels, Sgt Majors, Banner Fish, Clown Fish, Bat Fish, Puffer Fish, Yellow Box fish.. Do you know your fish? learn from our guide and tell your friends what you saw!

Brain Corals Polyps - Pattaya Coral Guide

Coral Exploring Snorkel Adventures

Do you think that viewing corals is only for scuba divers? The fact is, the best corals are in shallow waters, perfect for snorkelling and seeing the most color on the reef. Coral around Pattaya’s islands is in danger from damage by none careful snorkelling. Expect our guides to teach you how to snorkel without impacting our reefs! Help Us Save Our Reefs


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