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Of all the potential tour operators, no one does it better in Pattaya than we do. We own and operate three of the best quality Boats and captains that Pattaya has to present. All boats Offer Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Services and are fully approved by the Thai Marine Inspection counsel and are fully equipped with all the facilities you would expect from any international tour boat. Aboard each and every boat we have shower and toilet facilities, as well as refreshments and all the mod cons in safety and navigation. All international inspections require life jackets and fully hull inspections to which we maintain, pass and attain regular certifications.

Our schedule and locations vary daily between which boat trip you choose and whether its visiting Pattaya or Samae San region, where there are multiple coral reefs islands to discover, and we always try to choose the best locations based on the weather and conditions.   Our Boat “OCEAN 1” visit the popular Pattaya islands of Koh Lan and Koh Sak, near islands with lots of shallow reef areas, and some days we head to the further Pattaya islands like Koh Rin.

The Pattaya Far Islands and Samae San islands  are where you will usually find the best corals, most privacy, and the clearest water conditions to enjoy the Pattaya Sea Life. If you are looking for a total escape from the masses, then we recommend you ask about of Samae San Trips or our New Speed Boat and an Island hopper Snorkel Tour. Whichever island we visit, once it is set against a calm clear blue sky and golden sun, the shorelines and remote sandy beaches will take your breath away as we journey between 40-60 minutes by boat

Our professionals welcome singles and groups even if you do not know swimming skills. We have life jackets and surface support to ensure everyone stays safe and enjoys. We will help you with equipment selection tips and show how to snorkel. If this is your first time or you are a beginner, we give you all-important advice about your swimming sets, buoyancy aids (flotation vest), gear assembly, and their function. Our snorkeler’s safety is paramount!

Pattaya Snorkeling Packages
Scuba Try Dive - Snorkel Pattaya

Find a Good Time, Leave the World Behind

All of the requirements for a good day out snorkeling in Pattaya Are Included In our trips. what do you want to be included in your snorkeling trip? We can custom build private snorkeling trip for any group size or we have easy to sign up day trips that go out daily snorkeling around Pattaya. These include local hotel collection, hot buffet-style lunch, drinks, fruits and snacks and of course, top quality snorkeling equipment all included!

Professional staff are aboard our boats, the guides will explain to you the best practices for safe snorkeling procedures and easiest best use of the snorkel equipment before letting you jump into to enjoy under their close watchful eye for safety. We pay close attention to our customers, accounting for everyone’s comfort to the best of our ability. Our staff are also not only all full spec in water rescuers with CPR and first aid training, they are instructors for these skills also! We would never dream of having to resort to using our training and expertise, but you can relax in the knowledge that we have your safety and emergency action plan covered!

What More Could You need? A great value day of family fun, beautiful scenery or some wet and wild adventures! You will be welcomed with friendly, professional service aboard all of our boats. If you have a special request for a special trip, just ask! Have you ever breathed underwater? Why not try in Pattaya? Our Scuba Snorkeling day out trip allows you to try diving and snorkeling in the same day. The professionally trained dive staff will take begin by giving you a safety briefing and explain about using scuba gear before we take you to the shallow water so that you can feel comfortable. After you have taken your first breaths underwater, we will swim you around to see the reef from below! After your scuba try dive adventure, in the afternoon, you will explore the shallows of the reef from the top side using snorkeling equipment, float around in the sun and enjoy you day at the islands. Give it a try! Its easy to sign up. Included is a local hotel collection, hot buffet-style lunch, drinks, fruits and snacks and of course, top quality dive pro who will take you through the uses of scuba and snorkeling equipment. 



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